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Multilingual – Translating the plugin

If you want to help to translate the 404 to 301 plugin into your own language(s), you can do so directly from GlotPress (by WordPress) project page of the plugin.

Follow below steps and start translating the 404 to 301 at any time.

  1. Login to the GlotPress translation platform using your WordPress.org account.
  2. Go to 404 to 301 translation project page here.
  3. You will get a list of available languages to translate. Select your language from the list.
  4. All available translatable strings under your language will be listed there. Add or modify string translations by selecting “Details“.
  5. Save your translation suggestions and wait for the translation editors of your locale to approve it. You can see you locale translation team here.


If you don’t see your language, request support for it by following this guide

Thank you for helping WordPress community to use 404 to 301 in their own language.

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404 to 301 is fully compatible with WPML – WordPress multilingual plugin.

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