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Creating a custom 404 page

Most of the WordPress themes comes with a custom 404 page prebuilt. Having a custom 404 page can help you to reduce the bounce rate. In simple word, the user will stay even if the page does not found.

Even if your theme already has a 404 page, or don’t, you can easily create a custom 404 page using our 404 to 301 plugin. Please follow below simple steps.

  1. Create a new page from WordPress dashboard (just like you do for any other page), and name it anything. For example “Page not found”.
  2. Design your page as you wish. Add images, videos or anything to let the visitor know that they have landed on a non-existing page.
  3. Our 404 page is ready. Save the new page.
  4. Go to our plugin settings page and set Redirect to as “Existing Page”.
  5. Now you will have the option to select your custom 404 page from your existing pages. Select our newly created 404 page and save the settings.


Even though we are creating a 404 page, the redirect status to this page will be the status you select from the settings page. Not 404.

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