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Email notifications for 404 errors

If you would like to get notified on your website’s broken links, even when you are not online or not logged into your website, you can enable email alerts for 404 errors. 404 to 301 will send you an email on each 404 errors, containing details of the 404 error and the visitor of the link.

To enable email notification please follow below steps.

  1. Go to our plugin settings page.
  2. Make sure the checkbox for Email notifications option is checked.
  3. In Email address option, enter the email address where you would like to get the notifications.

Currently, 404 to 301 supports single email address only. If you would like to get notifications in multiple email addresses, please use the Log Manager addon for 404 to 301.

If your inbox is getting flooded by email alerts, you can uncheck the email notification option, and still monitor the errors through the dashboard.


You can receive periodic email alerts based on time period or the number of errors, instead of getting alerts on each 404/broken link. Check out Log Manager add-on now.

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