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Custom options for individual errors

Instead of having the global redirect and notification settings for each 404 errors. you can customise each 404 link options individually from error logs listing page.

  1. Login and head over to error log listing page in your dashboard.
  2. For each error logs, you will have the option to customise the settings (in the last column of each item).
  3. If you have already added the custom redirect option, it will show the custom redirect URL you have added. If not, it shows “Customize” link.
  4. Click on the link and you will get a pop-up with custom options available for that link (see screenshot below).
  5. You can select “Default” option if you want to use global option.
  6. Customise the options and click Save.


If you leave the “Redirect to” option empty, it will take default redirect link.

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