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Logging 404 errors

In order to fix broken links, you should have the list of links that your visitors are trying to access but not exist.  404 to 301 can help you to track all broken/404 links on your website. Enabling 404 errors log is easy.

  1. Go to our plugin settings page.
  2. Make sure the checkbox for  Log 404 Errors option is checked.
  3. Go to 404 Errors page under our plugin menu in the dashboard.


You can override these options for individual links from customisation section in error log listing.

For each broken link visits, 404 to 301 will save following details.

  • 404/broken link that the visitor tried to access.
  • From where, the visitor comes from.
  • IP Address of the visitor.
  • Date and Time of the visit.
  • User Agent details (browser, OS etc.).

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