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Asking for help

As much effort as we put into making our plugins as easy to use as possible, it could happen that you run into trouble. Don’t hesitate to ask us for support; we don’t just want to help you fix things, but we also want to learn from the way you use our plugin.

[alert type=”success” icon-size=”hide-icon”]If you need help with one of our free WordPress plugins, please open a support request on WordPress.org plugin forum![/alert]

How to ask for help

We kindly request that you keep these things in mind when asking us for help. It will help us help you a lot faster, and much more accurate!

  • Please provide a link to your website. If possible, share the link to the specific page your issue is happening on.
  • Describe the errors you are seeing. They tell us a lot about what we need to do to fix things. A screenshot of this error is also very helpful!
  • Tell us which version of WordPress you are on (if a WordPress product). You can find this info in the At a glance section in your website’s admin Dashboard.
  • Tell us which version of the product you are using. Please consider updating to the latest version, as it usually contains fixes for problems we have found in the past.

We will try our best to answer everyone in a timely matter, regardless of being a paid user or not. Paid users do, however, have a right to priority support. If you are in need of either, please consider buying a paid version of the products.

How can we help?