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How to open WhatsApp chat without saving the number as a contact

Contactless WhatsApp

A few days back, I was checking OLX app for a rental house in my town. Within a couple of minutes of searching I have got more than 10 results matching my requirements. Then I shortlisted 3 or 4 houses and decided to chat with the house owners via WhatsApp, so that I can get more details and pictures of the house.

Then I realized that I cannot chat with an unknown number in WhatsApp. That’s something which I really hate about WhatsApp. I don’t want to add any unknown number to my phone contact list just to make a temporary conversation with them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any alternate solution online. So, I ended up saving all those numbers in my phone contact with some random names and deleted it after the conversation.

As a better solution I created a simple web application which anyone can use. Through this web app, it is possible to open WhatsApp chat with anyone in the world, without requiring to save the number in your contacts of your phone. The only requirement is that the number should be a valid WhatsApp number.

The web app is called Contactless WhatsApp. The app can be accessed easily from mobile phone. First, you need to select your country and then enter the 10-digit mobile number. After submitting, you will be seeing the WhatsApp chat window.

The app even works with the contacts already saved in your phone. You can even chat with yourself!

Give it a try . Goodluck!

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