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My First WordPress Core Contribution is Live

WordPress Contributions

WordPress 4.7,  named “Vaughan” in honour of legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, was released today. Guess what, I am in core contributors list 🙂 To the WordPress core, this is my first contribution, and I can not tell you how much proud I feel seeing my name in the list of core contributors.

WordPress 4.7 release was led by Helen, along with 2 release deputies, Jeff Paul and Aaron Jorbin. There are 482 contributors in this release with 205 of them contributing for the first time (including me).

Giving Back

Most of the things around me belong to open source and I use open source projects like WordPress, Drupal, Laravel etc for my personal and professional works. So I believe in “Giving Back” to the community whenever possible. I have been able to develop and maintain few free WordPress plugins for the community. I would love to contribute more in my free time, as I learn new things.

Core Contribution

One of the best ways to give back is by contributing to core code itself. So your contributions can help millions of websites and users worldwide. That feeling alone gave me excitement and enough energy to contribute with a patch for an issue that I found in WordPress core.

I have found an issue while importing contents to my multisite website. There was broken link returned from the ajax response after installing WordPress importer plugin. I was able to create a fix for my website, by editing one core file.

As I have mentioned before, I thought I should give back to the community by providing a patch for this issue. So I created a ticket in WordPress Core Trac and provided a patch. After a few changes according to the suggestions from other core committers, the fix has been added to WordPress 4.7 core.



Happy that I could help millions of websites, even through it was a small contribution. Thanks to WordPress and the awesome community 🙂


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