Refund Policy

We really care about the product and our customers, so we want you to be completely happy with the product.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you have problems getting any of our products to work, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 30 days of the original purchase. After 30 days, no refunds will be given.

Before a refund will be granted, FIRST submit a support request to clarify any issues or questions you might have. In the simplest way “You must allow us to try and help solve any problem you have”.

How to Get a Refund

If we are unable to help you with your issue, and it has been less than 30 days from the time of your purchase, then we’d be happy to provide you with a full refund. To apply for a refund, simply contact us through our support form by selecting “I need a refund” as subject/reason.

Note : This policy is applicable only for paid products and refunds will not be granted if you simply decide not to use the purchased products.